Stained v Leaded Glass

Yes Virginia, there is a difference. 

When people think stained glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany comes to mind. He was the master. Although he did make leaded glass pieces, the Tiffany Glass style refers to the use of small glass pieces soldered together to make intricate pieces including, but not limited to, windows and lamps.

Leaded glass on the other hand consists of glass pieces held together with channels of lead came which allows for smooth and more precise seams. More often used for window and larger pieces than the Tiffany glass style.

I do not create leaded glass pieces, I just didn’t learn that craft. My pieces are soldered together and I make sure there is plenty of texture so when the patina is added (either copper, or black) it gives more dimension, detail, interest and authenticity (although some say that’s a sign of an inexperienced stained glass artist, I tend to disagree – afterall art is subjective. I love seeing the ripples that molten solder leave and I just truly prefer the detail and dimension it offers). With the Tiffany glass method of stained glass I am able to make smaller pieces including sun catchers, ornaments, mobiles, even jewelry.


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